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My Info Fund is a subsidiary of, LLC. We are a registered investigative firm that specializes in finding and recovering lost assets for individuals, trusts, estates, and business entities throughout the United States.


Our only goal is to reunite owners with property and assets that they rightfully own.


  • On-site investigators and record search.
  • Experienced and dedicated staff to research rightful owner information and to ensure assets recovery.
  • To act as liaison between the rightful holder of funds and the State Controllers to speed up the recovery process, facilitate claims, and ensure speedy payment.
  • Explanation of all procedures and provide all claim forms and information to rightful holder.
  • Depending on the nature of the claim, the process can take anywhere from four weeks to six months.
  • We will never ask you for personal, private or confidential information, i.e., social security numbers, financial records, account numbers, or any other privacy related information.


The process begins with a search from our assets information database for outstanding and unprocessed accounts.  This database is proprietary and not available to the public.


Many accounts are left unclaimed for months and even several years.  After a thorough search and follow-up, we contact the rightful owner of the outstanding account.  Then we gather the pertinent and necessary information to facilitate the claim for payment on behalf of the owner.

Investigator Agreement

The rightful owner is located through My Info Fund's research efforts. The owner may be a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, an heir to an estate, or owner of an outstanding bank account.  Whatever the circumstance, we exhaust all efforts until we find the owner of any type of account.


A My Info Fund representative calls the owner or sends a letter and the client signs the “Standard Investigator Agreement” which basically states that the investigator through his/her efforts has located Claimant who may be entitled to the assets in possession of a holder or institution. Claimant agrees that a small investigator fee will be paid upon payment of the claim.  My Info Fund then gives the client full disclosure of the nature of the account.

Facilitation of Claim

A claim is made by the client or by My Info Fund on behalf of the client depending on his or her discretion.  Proof of the account is gathered with all the necessary documents needed to prove ownership.  Then the claim package is forwarded to the holder or institution to facilitate the claim.  My Info Fund oversees every aspect of each claim from processing to payment.

Claim Payment

Once ownership rights have been established, the claim is reviewed, processed, and approved.  My Info Fund pushes for speedy payment of each claim.  The check is then mailed to the claimant and My Info Fund collects its fee.


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